CSR International Services is specialized in strategic procurement and supply chain management services for companies worldwide. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and skills spanning 25 years of procurement experience in the international market places in a variety of fields like sea (maritime), land, defence, leisure, mining, oil & gas, offshore and construction industry. We are committed to providing the safest, most efficient and cost effective solutions to our high value clients and to maintaining longstanding relationships.

CSR International Services is situated in the central European city of Munich. The city’s enviable geographic location, an excellent infrastructure and a vast variety of leisure and recreational facilities combine with optimal conditions for the corporate sector. This makes Munich one of the most important business hubs in both Germany and internationally.

Our procurement services ensure managing the delivery of goods and services for the “best value”, emphasising on quick (on-time) responses to any enquiries and requests. The key objectives of the service we provide for our clients are to buy goods at the right price, in the right quantity and quality, to get the best price for delivery and have everything delivered at the right time to the nominated destination. We can deliver what you want, where you want it, when you want it.

Understanding we need to be flexible and accommodating to the clients’ requirements, our internationally experienced staff members are committed to make themselves available at any time to quickly act on your responses. If required, of course, we are prepared to travel in order to conduct face to face negotiation and problem resolving with the aim to accomplish a favourable result for all involved.

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CSR International Services • Procurement and Supply Chain Management in the fields of Sea, Offshore, Defence, Leisure, Mining, Oil, Gas and Construction •  www.csr-int.com

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